FeuerTRUTZ awards "Fire protection of the year 2017"
Video-based fire detection AVIOTEC from Bosch is best product in the category "technological fire protection"

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With the distinction "fire protection of the year 2017", FeuerTRUTZ Network awards products in the technological, architectural and organizational fire prevention industry for the seventh time. At this year‘s ceremony video-based fire detection AVIOTEC from Bosch has been the winner in the category „technological fire protection“. 2017 winners were announced during “FeuerTRUTZ“ trade show 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany. The winners and the best placed in the respective categories were determined in an online survey as well as by the assessment of a professional jury. For AVIOTEC it is already the fifth award.

With its video-based fire detection AVIOTEC Bosch offers a convincing solution for a reliable early fire detection in critical and industrial indoor applications. AVIOTEC is perfectly suited as an addition in use cases where common systems show its limits. Combining the AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 camera with an intelligent algorithm allows, based on its physical behavior, precise distinction of real fires and disturbance values such as reflexions, movements and backlight conditions. Consequently, it identifies flames and smoke directly at the source and much quicker than common fire detectors providing faster response times. AVIOTEC is particularly suitable for applications with challenging ambient conditions. It is the optimal solution for dusty and humid environments as they occur in production facilities. Furthermore, it provides an elaborate protection for extensive spaces with high ceilings in airports and warehouses, as well as for areas with high traffic such as cultural properties and shopping malls.

See an overview of all awards AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 already won:

Date Award Link
02/22/2017 FeuerTRUTZ http://www.feuertrutz.de/produkt-des-jahres/150/32965/
11/2016 Detektor International Award "Best Product 2016" http://www.securityworldhotel.com/me/News/Business-News/di-awards-2016-winners-from-three-continents1#.WK6869SHT84
10/2016 Seguritecnia Magazine Security Contest Seguritecnia Annual Awards http://www.seguritecnia.es/
07/21/2016 Fire Expo Award (Poland) http://www.securex.pl/en/securex_2014/photo_gallery-002/
02/2016 Integration Award, Bosch AVIOTEC Fire & Smoke Detection Camera is Device Number 5,000 Supported by Milestone Systems https://www.milestonesys.com/press-releases/20160226-bosch5000/