DSRF Premises Wireless

RF835 Wireless TriTech Detectors
  • 11m x 11m (35 ft by 35 ft) coverage
  • Up to 45Kg (100 lb.) Pet Immunity
  • Flexible Mounting Height
  • Compatible with Bosch premises wireless systems
  • Draft and Insect immune
  • Motion Analyzer II Signal Processing
RF3332 Series Keyfobs
  • Uniquely coded arm and disarm buttons (RF3332 and RF3332E)
  • Panic alarm
  • LED indicator
RF3401 Series RF Point Transmitters
  • Supervised sensor loop
  • Internal reed switch
  • Supervisory signal at regular intervals
  • Complete status sent with every transmission
  • Cover tamper
RF280THS Series Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
  • 57°C (135°F) heat sensor
  • Internal 85 dB sounder
  • Superior dust immunity
  • Exclusive Chamber Check® self diagnostics
  • Factory programmed transmitter ID for quick and simple transmitter enrollment
  • Field replaceable smoke chamber
RF3222E Wireless Multiplex bus interface
  • Compatible with the DS7400XiV4 panels
  • Receives low battery, tamper, and sensor status reports
  • LED indicates receiver status
  • Cover and wall tamper
  • System allows two receivers for larger area coverage
  • 2-hour or 12-hour transmitter and detector supervision
RF3405E Wireless vibration sensor w/loop input
  • Internal magnetic reed switch
  • Supervised external loop
  • Gross or minor attack movement settings
  • Test mode
  • Unique user code
  • Fluorescent case with built-in clip
  • Large, single, red button with LED
  • Necklace included
Intelligent IP video solutions

Intelligent IP video solutions

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