Video Management Systems

Bosch Video Management System 7.0
  • Maximum resilience to ensure continuous operation.
  • Up to 2000 cameras with a single recording server mean high savings.
  • Smart automatic stream switching for live viewing.
  • Best integration with Bosch video hardware.
  • Encrypted communication to cameras.


BoschVideoIntegration Openness3rdParty Resilience24-7 Scalability TotalCostOfOwnership
Bosch VMS-BIS Connectivity
  • Automatic or manual display of live images or recordings on Bosch VMSOperator Client in response to alarms or alarm acknowledgements.
  • Manual control of live images or recordings directly from BIS location or device overviews.
  • Ability to receive and process Bosch VMS alarms (motion detection, camera failure, …) within BIS.
  • Control of video recording from within BIS.
Configuration Manager
  • Free of charge configuration tool
  • Access to all devices in your network with support of all Bosch video products and ONVIF products
  • Wizard for easy system configuration
  • User and privileges management for Video Client
  • Always cutting-edge due to frequent update
Bosch Recording Station 8.11 Software
  • Recording and Management Software for IP video
  • Connect up to 64 video sources per station
  • Supports Bosch H.264/MPEG-4, third-party MPEG-4 and JPEG devices, ONVIF camera and encoder devices
  • HD / Megapixel camera support
  • Unlimited remote receiver stations
  • Web browser remote access and viewing
  • Low bandwidth (WAN) support
  • Interfaces with Bosch intrusion, fire and access solutions
VRM Video Recording Manager
  • Distributed storage and configurable load balancing
  • iSCSI disk array failover for extra reliability
  • Used with all Bosch video-over-IP cameras and encoders
  • Configuration support for all Bosch disk arrays (DSA E‑Series and DIVAR IP systems)
  • Integration of 3rd party cameras (ONVIF, RTSP, JPEG)


IPNet Openness3rdParty Resilience24-7 TotalCostOfOwnership
Monitor Wall
  • View multiple live cameras on large screens in your surveillance center
  • Multi-channel decoder with single or dual-screen
  • Configurable window layout
  • Compatible with Bosch Video Management System and Bosch Video Client
  • Compatible with all Bosch IP cameras and encoders
Intelligent IP video solutions

Intelligent IP video solutions

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