Energy & Utilities


The Energy & Utility sector includes facilities for generating, transmitting, and distributing energy of all kinds. This can include facilities for ensuring the water supply and extracting, refining and transporting of petroleum/petroleum products and chemical plants, but also power plants.

All of these assets and systems have one thing in common: gaps in their security or safety can seriously threaten public health, the environment, the economy, or even national or global security. Consequent security, safety and communication challenges are:

  • Preventing possible terrorist attacks and vandalism
  • Dealing with fire and explosions in harsh environments
  • Evacuating in a timely and efficient manner
  • Detecting intrusion, sabotage and malicious attacks
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations
  • Coping with different extreme environments and weather conditions

Bosch offers a wide range of products that includes special products such as explosion protected day/night cameras, infrared illuminators and long-distance cameras. With these products solutions from Bosch Security Systems help Energy & Utility facilities to manage these security, safety and communication challenges.


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Malaysia Petronas Carigali

Petronas Carigali is the national oil and gas company of Malaysia, wholly-owned by the Government of Malaysia.