Entertainment facilities range from pubs and bars to sporting facilities. These multipurpose venues are not only dining venues or for sports activities. They sometimes are used to host concerts and other cultural events.

Many people congregate at these venues regularly which lead to demand for security, safety, communication and building automation requirements. Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help entertainment facilities to manage these needs by providing integrated solutions that bring events to life while keeping people safe.


Featured References


Austrailia Mildura Motor Club

Mildura Motor Club is a well-known track to many of the local riders competing in England and Europe.


Singapore, Bosch at Hogs Bar

Hogs Bar is a casual diner, preferring to be known as a biker and non-biker friendly Bar Restaurant.


Australia, Bosch at Windsor Leagues Club

The Windsor Leagues Club, home of the Windsor Wolves


Australia Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe Sydney is a favorite waterfront destination for entertainment and dining


Singapore Gardens By The Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is one of its newest urban outdoor recreation developments in Singapore.


Kangwon Land Casino

Kangwon Land also operates hotel, theme park, golf course, resort, and skiing ground.