In time for Christmas- St. Gregorios Syrian Orthodox Cathedral, India


M/S Proscenium Electronics details how it worked together with the knowledgeable end-users at the church to complete an audio upgrade for the cathedral before Christmas.


Case Study

When the St. Gregorios Syrian Orthodox decided to upgrade the audio systems at its cathedral, M/S Proscenium Electronics System Pvt Ltd was brought in to serve as the integrator for the project. Most importantly, the project had to be completed within a month in time for Christmas.

The design phase and the initial parts of the project went smoothly. Vijay from M/S Proscenium Electronics says: “The end-user was technically very knowledgeable and already had in mind the kind of system that was required for the cathedral. They called in three top brands to showcase their solutions as per their requirements and each brand was rigorously scrutinised and evaluated based on the technical strengths of the products and their suitability.”

Vijay goes on to explain the qualities the end-user was seeking in its upgraded audio system: “The main requirement was even dispersion and the solution had to be line array based. A few weatherised speakers were also to be included to cover the outer areas of the church. They also wanted around 10 microphones for the choir as well as a premium head-worn microphone for the head priest.”

The old audio equipment at the cathedral were removed and repurposed. Vijay details: “The old equipment comprised a series of powered portable loudspeakers that were suspended from the ceiling. They also had a few more powered loudspeakers to cover the outer areas of the church. Few of the powered monitors were re-used as stage monitors for the choir.”

The main body of the church has been fi tted with two clusters of Electro-Voice EVA2082 line arrays with each cluster having two cabinets. Two Electro-Voice TX1181 subwoofers handle the audio low-end and were placed on the fl oor, right below the line array clusters. Two ZX1 passive weatherised speakers have been installed to cover the outer areas of the church.

Monitor sound for the choir and the priest is provided by four Electro-Voice ZXA1 series, 8-in powered speakers. Q series amplifi ers along with two DC-One DSP have been used to complete the audio system.

The microphones were carefully handpicked from the Electro-Voice RE series, Electro-Voice N/Dym series and an Electro-Voice RE320 microphone is also used. All the inputs have been connected to a 22 channel Dynacord CMS2200-3 mixer.

Regarding the selection of speakers, Vijay says: “The EVA line arrays are perfect for any kind of indoor installs as they sounds great with seamless rigging points. In addition it is also very effectively priced.”

The installation process had its challenges and Vijay details: “Though the line-arrays seamlessly covered the church audience area, due to the large number of microphones placed in the opposite direction, facing the altar, there were a few feedback issues. This was eliminated by adding two units of ZX1i 8-in speakers to cover the back rows. They system was then fi ne-tuned using SMAART Software and all issues were eliminated.”

M/S Proscenium Electronics System was able to have the project fi nished in time for Christmas and to conclude Vijay says: “Since the customer was already well versed with audio, satisfying their every requirement was the main goal for us at Electro-Voice. The customer being entirely satisfi ed meant that all the goals were met.”

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