Bank Mandiri entrusts video surveillance with Bosch


Bank Mandiri, headquartered in Jakarta, is the largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets, loans and deposits. Established on October 2, 1998, Bank Mandiri acquired ownership of the share capital of four state-owned banks, which legally merged on July 31, 1999. The Bank serves millions of customers, which makes it one of the largest retail banks in Indonesia. Due to the highly sensitive business nature and cash flow transaction over the counters daily, a security surveillance system is crucial to monitor and mitigate the risk of robbery, fraud and vandalism and management of different access authorizations for Bank Mandiri.


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  • Total of 900 IP and analog cameras have already been installed in Plaza Mandiri since 2002
  • Flexible and future-proof video surveillance solutions
  • System reliability and excellent after-sales service build customer confidence


Bank Mandiri has been using Bosch security systems in protecting the bank's assets and to safeguard their employees and customers in the bank headquarters at Plaza Mandiri and 4 other branch offices in Jakarta since 2002. With the advancement into IP surveillance, Mandiri is looking to upgrade their existing analog system to IP-based system to provide the bank with more advance functions and integrated solutions.

To minimize their upgrade expenditure, Bosch partner, PT. Sinar Teknik Sarana, offered a hybrid solution, featuring Bosch recording solutions combining the existing Bosch BRS Station, mix of analog and IP DVRs and the Bosch VMS to provide seamless management of the digital video, audio and data across the network. In Plaza Mandiri, there is now a totalof 900 analog and IP cameras, which will be gradually be migrated over to IP technology. The system provides complete and consistent protection of the entire building from the entrance and exit, lobby, teller/counter, ATM, restricted access in the administration areas to the carpark and the building perimeter. The security staffs are able to monitor the onsite security status from the security control rooms and bank personnel with restricted access to the security systems.

The Bosch Public Address system which comprised of 1500 units of LHM 0606 ceiling speaker was previously installed in Plaza Mandiri to provide background music and evacuation message during an emergency.

Agus Triwianto from the Security Service Department of Bank Mandiri said “Having been using Bosch products since 2002, we are confident of the quality and reliability of Bosch products.” Coupled with the excellent after-sales service provided by PT. Sinar Teknik Sarana, Bank Mandiri is very satisfied with the installation.


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Analog Cameras


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LHM 0606 ceiling speaker

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