Bosch Security Systems offers a range of intrusion and fire detection solutions for every size home, including systems that will talk to you in your own language. Rely on Bosch to protect your home and family.

Your home is your largest lifetime investment. It also contains your most valuable assets: family, pets, and memories. Protecting your family from fire and intruders becomes increasingly important as the world around us grows more turbulent and worrisome.


Featured References


Thailand Wanon Niwat Municipality

There was a need for security systems within the sub-district to provide monitoring of traffic conditions, accidents as well as possible criminal activities.


Japan Harajuku Building

The Mansion 31 building was built in 1972. Its analogue camera and infrared sensor-based system needed an upgrade.


Thailand Punna Residence

The Punna Residence is one of Punna Development’s latest residential developments.


Indonesia One Park Residence

PT. Intiland Development Tbk embarked on its latest residential development.