INVESTA office tower in Sydney CBD upgrades their CCTV solution


#1 Market Street is a prominent A-grade commercial office tower, located adjacent to Darling Harbour and a stone’s throw from the vibrant centre of the Sydney CBD. Late last year, Investa’s management decided to upgrade the aging analogue camera system. They chose H3C PLUS to provide the solution.


Case Study

Investa is a $10 billion plus commercial property owner and manager of over 40 office buildings nationally, with 17 of these located in the Sydney CBD. With an aging analogue CCTV system at the 1 Market Street office tower, it was decided to put the project out to tender.

After careful consideration H3C PLUS, headed by Nicholas Churchill and Jonathan Hughes, won the project. A number of factors influenced Investa to award the project to H3C PLUS, however the key ones included investment in new cabling and quality all-round cameras that perform well during day and night.

H3C PLUS replaced the analog cable to a 12-core multi-mode optic fibre backbone, running from the basement to the roof of the 33 storey building. Three nodes (basement, level 6 and 33) were created with a rack and UPS at each location. All cameras were cabled via a new Cat-6 cable to the respective node. Three workstation locations were set up for the security room, building manager’s office and the concierge desk at ground level.

33 Bosch 1080p AUTODOME and FLEXIDOME cameras were used across four zones: Building Perimeter, Car Park/Dock, General Lobbies, and Plant Room/Roof. Three AUTODOME IP 5000 HD 1080p PTZs were located at key vantage points near front and back entrances. These outdoor PTZs feature high-speed PTZ control with 30x optical zoom and accurate color reproduction in scenes with varying lighting levels, providing identification of people up to 180 m without loss of detail.

The remainder of the 30 cameras comprise FLEXIDOME IP 5000 HD (outdoor & indoor versions). These feature 1080p resolution for sharp images, IR option (with 15 m viewing distance) and an auto zoom/focus lens for quick installation and set up. “We chose Bosch cameras for their performance in different light conditions and the quality images they produce,” advised Nicholas. “Their ONVIF compliance also made them compatible with Geutebrück VMS, the platform specified by Investa. With a bit of tweaking optimal integration was achieved.”

Apart from technical aspects, the aesthetics were also considered. The previous installation left large holes and facade damage in key places around the building. To rectify this colour coded plates matching the colour of cameras were used. Jonathan Hughes who worked closely on the project with Investa from its inception, identified that the facade of the building was of great importance to the owners given the status and location of the building. “The plates covered up previous damage, added to the overall aesthetics of the installation and the owners are pleased with the result,” Jonathan said.

“Overall Jonathan and I are very happy with the result delivered for 1 Market Street. Objectives derived from the security audit and client’s brief were achieved. We are also pleased with the performance of the Bosch cameras. The image quality is impressive,” stated Nicholas Churchill. “Apart from the deployed CCTV solution, Investa management also welcomed the new fibre backbone which future proofs the building’s IP communications capabilities.”

Investa management team’s comment on the project highlights the quality of the solution: “We at Investa pride ourselves of being at the fore front of safety and technology; the innovation brought to the table and the seamless installation was a credit to H3C Plus.

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