Bosch Cameras provide security to No. 6 Hara-Machida Shopping District


Situated at the intersection of the Odakyu and JR lines is Machida station, which is connected to a shopping district with more than 1,000 businesses. Members of the residents association take turns in the “Safety Box Salvia” civilian policing facility to ensure safety in the shopping district while providing help to people asking for directions


Case Study

Initial Business Objective

Although there are more than 1,000 businesses in the Machida station shopping district, there is hardly anyone in the area at night. The district was virtually defenseless as far as crime prevention was concerned, especially in the hours between 11 pm, and 6 am. In 2010, after numerous discussions with the police and city office, the No. 2 Machida Shopping District Association began to consider installing surveillance cameras to prevent theft, crime and trouble from occurring in the shopping district.



  • Bosch FlexiDome IP DN fixed dome network cameras in 20 locations
  • Divar 700 series network video recorder in the "Safety Box Salvia" civilian policing facility
  • When the police ask, association members submit copies of the images recorded on the Divar 700 series on a USB memory device in the presence of two or more members of the residents association

Additional Customer Benefit

  • High-resolution of the network cameras and the clarity of their images made it much easier to identify perpetrators when crimes happen
  • Perpetrators of car break-ins have been caught and convenience store thieves have been arrested based on images captured
  • Psychological effect of the presence of surveillance systems deters crime

Products Installed

Divar 700 Series Hybrid/Network HD Recorder

Equipped with four front-replaceable hard drives and extensive integration features, the 700 Series is ideal for medium to large-scale systems.


NDN-498 FlexiDome2X Day/Night IP Cameras

FlexiDome2X Day/Night IP cameras are progressive scan CCD cameras in a compact, high-impact rated, vandal-resistant housing.



Bosch Cameras Secure Shopping District in Japan

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