Providing Parkway Parade Shopping Centre an Advantage


Lend Lease is a leading, fully integrated, international property and infrastructure group. The group manages Parkway Parade, which is one of Singapore’s first major and biggest suburban mall. Managed by Lend Lease, the shopping mall has over 250 retail outlets conveniently located over 6 levels. It is every shopper’s choice of destination, offering the largest ranges of stores on the East Coast of Singapore.


Case Study

Initial Business Objective

Initial Business Objective

The main challenge was to upgrade the system without causing significant disruptions to daily operations as any camera was not allowed to be down for more than 3 hours whether in the day or at night. In addition, there should be installation had to be discreet so as not to cause inconvenience to patrons at the mall.Some cameras were to be mounted in areas which were relatively inaccessible in terms of positioning. Hence, a customized bracket was required to ensure personnel safety during installation.



  • The shopping mall was equipped with video systems from Bosch’s Advantage Line including Dome cameras, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) functional camera.
  • The Bilinx Data Interface unit was used for complete control of the PTZ functions of Bilinx enabled AutoDome Series cameras. In addition, complete programming of AutoDomes via their on-screen menus is supported.
  • The discreet compact dome cameras offer a complete network surveillance system with progressive scan for sharp images of moving objects.

Additional Customer Benefit

  • Modular design allow for future expansion needs
  • Cost savings due to low maintenance needs
  • High reliability

Products Installed

Compact Day/Night Dome Camera

Provides complete control of pan/tilt/zoom, auxiliaries, and pre-position functions of Bilinx enabled AutoDome Series cameras.


AutoDome and PTZ Cameras

Delivers superb video in all indoor and outdoor applications


Installed by:

Yatai Security & Communications Pte Ltd
80 Genting Lane, #08-09,
Genting Block
Ruby Industrial Complex
Singapore 349565



Providing Parkway Parade Shopping Centre The Advantage

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