Bosch Praesideo System Installed in Sydney OPT to serve growing cruise industry


Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal (OPT) is nestled in between the historic Rocks precinct, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Museum of Contemporary Art, and is almost directly across the water across the water from the Sydney Opera House.


Case Study

Initial Business Objective

To meet the demands of the booming cruise industry, and the increasing number and size of ships visiting one of the stunning ports of the world, the OPT received a multi-million dollar upgrade over the last 15 months. Not only to fit the needs of the cruises, the venue is also rented out for corporate functions and other events, when ships are not at berth.



  • Bosch Five-zone Praesideo public address system installed- resultant loudspeakers optimize the celing height and room spaces.
  • Combination of Bosch PRS NCO3 network controller and Praesideo amplifiers creates a decentralized network.
  • Praesideo holds long history of providing PA and emergency sound solutions, covering over 15,000 installations worldwide

Additional Customer Benefit

  • Added featured installed in the OPT allows for versatility in space if such need arises
  • Solution capable of broadcasting clear announcements enables of a smooth flow of passengers in OPT.

Products Installed

EV EVID Ceiling Speakers Series

Designed with both the contractor and listener in mind, EVID Ceiling speakers are high-performance problem solvers that deliver exceptional audio in even the most challenging architectural environments.

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