Safety and communication in Belawan International Container Terminal


PT Pelabuhan has its core business in handling of containers for international and domestic and transportation. The ports rely greatly on modern facilities such as container cranes, and hypermodern cranes for their daily operations. With annual increments, the corporation aims to reach a production target of 1 million teus by 2012.


Press Release

Security and safety in Indonesia seaport guaranteed with Bosch

The company PT Pelabuhan Indonesia 1 specializes in handling containers for international and domestic transportation in many ports in Indonesia. Due to harsh seaside conditions amidst facilities like container cranes and hypermodern cranes, they require top-class security equipment to ensure safety of employees, while enduring the extreme conditions there. Upon screening through many security providers, Bosch was selected for its ability to fulfill all their requirements at the seaport in Medan.

Muhamad Natsir S. Sos, Safety and Security manager at Belawan International Container Terminal said: "During the rigorous selection process, Bosch Security Systems was found to have outperformed the others in terms of image quality of their video systems, and audio clarity of their public address system."

Installer PT. SensorLink Yumitaro Indonesia brought in the following systems into the seaport: the Praesideo Digital Public Address and Emergency Sound System, Dinion and AutoDome cameras, and the Video Management System from Bosch (BVMS). In the instance of an emergency evacuation, the Praesideo consisting of speakers and microphones will project loud and clear announcements. To protect the pier, the Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)-enabled cameras provide advanced detection functions ranging from head detection to trajectory tracking. In addition, the AutoDome cameras are vandal-resistant and weatherproof, making them perfect equipments to handle seaside conditions.

Images captured by the cameras are processed by the BVMS which plays a crucial role in daily operations through the monitoring of all port activities. The cost-effective integrated security systems also enhanced overall productivity and quality of service of the ports.

The highly satisfied PT Pelabuhan Indonesia 1 has applauded Bosch for the competent products and plans to include more products in future.


Case Study

Initial Business Objective

The main challenge was to install a total security solution consisting of a comprehensive system which would meet the standards of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. Given its extreme location, there was need for security equipment that would serve its primary function of ensuring safety of all employees, while enduring the harsh conditions of the seaside.



  • The range of CCTV cameras installed at the pier was Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)-enabled. IVA’s digital image processing system greatly improves security and safety.AutoDome cameras are vandal-resistant and weatherproof, making them the perfect solution for the kind of environment.
  • The images captured by the CCTV cameras were then processed by the BVMS. The video systems played a crucial role in daily operations through the monitoring of all activities ongoing at the ports.

Additional Customer Benefit

  • Durable and versatile integrated system
  • Cost, time, and effort savings
  • Training and technical assistance provided at every step

Products Installed

AutoDome Cameras

Delivers superb video in all indoor and outdoor applications


Bosch Video Management System

Provides seamless management of digital video, audio, and data across any IP network


Public Address Systems: Praesideo Series

A fully digital public address, voice evacuation system that meets all the requirements placed by professional users.


Installed by:

PT Sensorlink Yumitaro Indonesia
J1. Gaharu No. 25B
Medan, Sumatera Utara



Safety and communication in Belawan International Container Terminal

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