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Product variants

CPA 0000 A Cable set panel control to analog transm

Used to connect an AT 2000 to the MPC and the ENO 0000 B.

Commercial Type No.: CPA 0000 A
Product No.: 4.998.153.247

CPR 0001 A Printer cable

used to connect the MPC Panel Controller and a Junction Board RLE/RLU, cable length 100 cm

Commercial Type No.: CPR 0001 A
Product No.: F.01U.500.372

CRP 0000 A Cable set, redundant panel connection

used to redundantly connect one Panel Controller to an additional MPC Panel Controller

Commercial Type No.: CRP 0000 A
Product No.: 4.998.153.242

CBB 0000 A Cable set, battery control to battery

Used to connect a battery pair and a Power Supply Housing to the BCM‑0000‑B Battery Controller Module

Commercial Type No.: CBB 0000 A
Product No.: 4.998.153.244

CPB 0000 A Cable set, power supp to battery control

Used to connect the BCM‑0000‑B Battery Controller Module to a UPS Power Supply, cable length 150 cm

Commercial Type No.: CPB 0000 A
Product No.: 4.998.153.243