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FAP-440-DT Analog detector head, dual, photo/heat

Commercial Type No.: FAP-440-DT
Product No.: F.01U.163.845

FAP-440-DT Analog detector head, dual, photo/heat
  • Dual Ray Technology provides better particle size differentiation resulting in fewer false alarms
  • Smoke threshold is adjustable and automatically compensated
  • Rotary switch addressing
  • Flexible work modes determined by the control panel
  • Selectable base locking mechanism prevents malicious removal of the detector
  • Multi-sensor technology reduces false alarms
  • Details
    Maximum current consumption (at 77°F (25°C) 39 V bus voltage) StandbyAlarmWhen polled 0.17 mA5 mA22 mA ± 20%
    Operating voltage (SLC loop) 24 V DC to 41 V DC
    Maximum allowable line resistance 50 Ω
    Protection category IP 42
    Relative Humidity < 95% (non‑condensing)
    Installation temperature +32°F to +100°F (0°C to +38°C)
    Storage temperature -13°F to +176°F (-25°C to +80°C)
    Dimensions (Ø x D) 4.4 in. x 2.0 in. (11.2 cm x 5.1 cm)
    Housing Material CYCOLOY/ABS
    Airflow 4000 ft./min (20 m/s) maximum
    SensitivitiesSmoke sensorHeat sensor 1.25%/ft. to 3.5%/ft. (4.1%/m to 11.48%/m)+135°F (+57°C) + RoR


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FAP-440 Dual Ray Detectors

Use with FAA‑440 bases and FAP-1000 Analog Addressable Fire Panels to provide general life safety and property protection