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Analog Specialty Detectors, Bases, and Housings

FAD-325-V2F-DH Analog duct smoke head, 2-wire 24V
  • Replacement for the FAD-325-DH Analog duct smoke head for use in FAD-325, FAD-325-R, FAD‑325‑V2F and FAD-325-V2F-R Analog duct kits
  • Provides automatic drift compensation
  • Easy detector removal for cleaning and servicing
FAD-325-V2F-R Kit, analog duct housing w/relays & head
  • Smoke density range of 0.9 %/ft. to 2.65 %/ft. (2.95%/m to 8.7%/m)
  • Two sets of Form C relays rated at 10 A
  • Remote LED alarm indication capability
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • No screens or filters to clean
  • Meets UL 268A Requirements
Intelligent IP video solutions

Intelligent IP video solutions

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