EVX-50E Amplifier with microphone, 50W, grey

Commercial Type No.: EVX-50E
Product No.: 4.998.143.758

EVX-50E Amplifier with microphone, 50W, grey
  • 50 W amplifier with tone generator
  • Used as slave to EVX-100 that supplies source audio
  • Can operate as stand‑alone voice evacuation system with only tone and microphone amplification where an automatic message is not wanted
  • Details
    Power, primary
    Voltage, nominal 120 VAC
    Current, input 0.5 A
    Power, output 50 W
    Voltage, output 25 or 70 VRMS, selectable
    Frequency response 400 to 4000 Hz
    Voltage 24 VDC
    Current, input: Alarm Standby1Charging 0.80 A / 1.1 A0.15 A / 1.0 A800 mA
    Battery sizeMinimumMaximum 24 V, 7 Ah24 V, 18 Ah
    Battery Type 12 V (two in series)
    1 Battery input current measurements are determined by test conditions. Two values are shown. The first value is with a full speaker load and no auxiliary load on the unit. The second is for a full speaker load and an auxiliary load of 0.5 A. The actual load depends on which and how many auxiliary devices are used. Ensure that the current draw from any auxiliary device is added into the final battery calculation.
    Relative humidity Up to 95%, non-condensing
    Temperature, operating +32°F to +120°F (0°C to +49°C)


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