7000 Line

DS7400Xi Series Addressable Control Panels
  • Up to 248 zones in up to eight areas
  • 400-event history buffer
  • Up to 200 personal ID numbers (PINs)
  • Up to 112 wireless devices
  • Up to 15 keypads and/or door access control modules (DACMs)
  • Up to 240 addressable points including up to 60 outputs
  • Ethernet network connectivity
  • Remote programming over serial interface, Ethernet network, or phoneline
DS7446KP Series LCD Keypads
  • Contemporary vertical design
  • Flip door that covers or uncovers the illuminated keys
  • Area indicator
  • Adjustable volume
  • Programmable emergency keys
DS7447E Series LCD Keypads
  • Controls for volume, display brightness, and display contrast
  • Easily-accessible instruction label
  • Three programmable emergency keys
DS7447V2 Series LCD Keypads
  • Adjustable volume, display brightness, and display contrast
  • Accessible instruction label
  • Programmable emergency keys
Intelligent IP video solutions

Intelligent IP video solutions

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