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LBC1081/00 Microphone cable, 4-core, 100m
  • Two-plus-two core screened cable
  • Black PVC sheath, 5.5 mm diameter
  • Two extra cores for remote control or priority functions
  • For permanent installations
  • 0.14 mm2 cross-section cores
  • Supplied in 100 m reels
LBC1208/40 Microphone extension cable, XLR, 10m
  • 10 m (32.8 ft) extension cable
  • Twin-core screened cable
  • Three-pole lockable male and female XLR connectors (metal)
LBC1215/01 Microphone clamp
  • Quick-release universal microphone clamp
  • Spring-loaded microphone holder
  • Friction angular adjustment
  • Screws onto a 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8" Whitworth thread
  • Holds microphone stem with 19 to 32 mm diameter
LBC1221/01 Microphone floorstand
  • Adjustable from 850 to 1600 mm (2.79 to 5.25 ft) with twist clamp
  • Three folding legs (360 mm; 1.18 ft) for stability
  • Column terminates in male 3/8" Whitworth thread
LBC1226/01 Adjustable boom
  • Adjustable in reach and angle (quick-release screw clamp)
  • Maximum reach of 670 mm (2.12 ft)
  • Fits onto 3/8" Whitworth thread
LBC1227/01 Microphone table stand
  • Heavy-duty table stand
  • 3/8" Whitworth stud
  • Shock-absorbing under surface
Intelligent IP video solutions

Intelligent IP video solutions

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