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VIDEOJET connect 7000

VIDEOJET connect 7000
  • Operates a variety of Bosch HD PTZ cameras, including MIC7000
  • Alarms, washer pump control, local storage slot for a CompactFlash (CF) memory card, built-in web browser for control of connected cameras
  • One (1) HD-BaseT PoH dedicated for one RJ45 Ethernet port; three (3) RJ45 ports; two (2) SFP ports
  • Support for daisy-chaining of multiple cameras

Product variants

VJC-7000-90 PSU, PoE IP, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

IP power supply unit with PoE, 100 VAC - 240 VAC (90 VAC -264 VAC with tolerance), 50/60 Hz. Supports H.264 with maximum 1080P30 resolution and frame rate.

Commercial Type No.: VJC-7000-90
Product No.: F.01U.286.249



EWE-VJCPS-IW 12mths wrty ext Videojet Power Supply

EWE-VJCPS-IW 12mths wrty ext Videojet Power Supply

12 months warranty extension

Commercial Type No.: EWE-VJCPS-IW
Product No.: F.01U.346.362